The one time toast of Nigeria hip-hop art, Oladapo Daniel OyeBanjo stage named D’banj is leaving no stone unturned to fight his way back to the top. Its no news that was the most sort after hip act in Nigeria and indeed Africa some years back, however, his music career took a down turn when he chased to go solo. His decision to lay claim to the ownership of Mo’Hits record company, the record label that waw the dream of every upcoming artiste at that time,  was strongly contested by his better half music wise, Don Jazzy who claimed to be a co-owner of the record label.

The tussle for the ownership of Mo’Hits Records went on and on until both parties decided to drop the name. Hence the breakup.That was how Mo’Hits died and was buried.

D’banj went ahead to float a new record label called DB Records, while Don Jazzy on the other hand established Marvin Records.

However, in the face of  the musical divorce, Ejanla as D’banj is called by friends, hibernated from the Nigeria music scene and relocated to the united states where he does his music, while away, the Nigeria music scene continued to grow in lips and bounds with new kids on the block I.e. Wizkid, Olamide, David among other wave making artistes. 220px-D'banjawards-1

As much as the Koko-master tried to make the Americans like his kind of music, Oliver Twist was his only hit outside the shores of Nigeria. His other Singles like Frosh… did not really making any headway in that regard, hence his decision to come back home. Upon his return, he probably felt it was going to be a jolly ride to the top with his ‘Am on top of the world’ single, only to discover that he was not even on the top ten chart. Again, in his bid to know where he stood, he came up with ‘Feeling The Nigga’ but to his dismay, no significant number seem to feel the Nigga.

His follow-ups thereafter, went in the same direction and gradually, the blossoming music career of the once acclaimed richest solo music artiste in Nigeria and celebrated super star in his own right began fizzle out, no thanks to the ever vibrant and lyrically gifted younger artistes whoshe songs are setting the pace in the more competitive money making industry.

But like the popular Yoruba adage that says ‘ The backward movement of a ram in a duel, is not a sign of retreat, rather, it is to gather greater force’ D’banj has indeed proved to be a student of this school of thought with his new single  titled ‘Emergency’

He has put away all the unacceptable western style of music he had tried to impose on Nigeria music enthusiasts, and put on the old amour of his ingenuity as an Afrohiphop music artsite. He has rediscovered his dexterity in the use of the harmonica (mouth-organ )that brought him fame and brought back nostalgia of what D’banj use to be.

Today, ‘Emergency’ is ranked among top 10 music on radio and TV charts.


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