Consequence upon the ministerial briefing by the honourable commissioner for transportation Lagos State, Dr. Day Mobereola, where he stated that the Lagos state government has unveiled new modern buses it wants to use to replace and phase out danfo and molues in the state.
The new buses are expected to be cheaper and durable and the government advised danfo bus owners to key into the project now before it is too late.
The commissioner for transportation said the scheme would see to the introduction of higher capacity buses that would have 30 seats as opposed to 14/18 seats, while the buses would be Eco – friendly, air-conditioned, comfortable, support for maintenance and backed by appropriate workshop which creates jobs.
Mobereola said with the introduction of the new mode of transportation, danfo buses would be displaced economically as Lagosians would be left to choose between very cheaper means of transportation and expensive danfos.
The commissioner said Lagosians would rather queue up to board buses at cheaper rate than what the danfos would offer, thus, displacing them economically, adding that some of the existing danfo drivers had already keyed into the project.
He said the National Union of Road Transport Workers had already given government its support for the project.
However, Insidersaccount went out to sample the opinion of some ‘Danfo Drivers’ and ‘Agberos’ and their reaction more of an endangered specie in the face of the economic crunch ravaging the country.
Tairu Akani, a Danfo driver who claimed to have been in the transport business for more than two decades said ‘though the move by Gov. Ambode’s government to compete in the sector is a welcomed one, government should not use its ability to subsidize the fares of its buses to send the Danfos out of business’.
Musiliu Shanko, a bus conductor at Oshodi, in his reaction said ‘there are more than 500,000 bus conductors in the state and we all are illiterates, if they ban Danfo in the state how are we going to feed our family since we can not possibly key into the government plan because we don’t have any certificate to present?’
Sedoo, an Agbero along Mushin axis is of the opinion that ‘banning Danfo in Lagos State will bring about a lot of hardship to people like me who have known no other trade than than what I am doing right now. will Governor Ambode allow us to give ticket to the new buses? will he allow us to take loading charges and so on? that is where we make our own money to feed our family. so they should not ban Danfo ooo’
Alhaji, who simply wants to identified as that, is one the NURTW executive at Ikorodu, in his words, ‘we welcome the idea of the government though, but there has to be a levelled playing ground for competition, not that at the end if the day, government would say Danfo should not ply some certain routes thereby limiting our scope of operations in order to extinct us’
Commuters are however largely in support of government. Some even want an outright ban of Danfo in the state given the excesses of the operators.
A source in the NURTW told IA that they are still in talks with the state government to meet at a middle where all parties will smile.


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