image1The confrontational posture of Nigerian youths in the political circle has become worrisome, despite significant level of sensitization embarked upon by civil society, NGOs and concerned groups. There have been calls from different quarters that youths should not allow themselves to be used as tools by desperate politician to achieve their own selfish goal that will in no way benefit the said youths.

It is sad to see some able bodied young men who under a well-organized society would have channeled their energy into something meaningful and profitable, used as destructive tools by callous politicians to cause mayhem in the society. This dastardly act in time past was what gave rise to militancy in the Niger Delta and the Frankenstein called Boko-Haram bedeviling the North and Nigeria as a whole. Yet, politician would not desist from molding all manner of monsters each time elections approach. They have taken their penchant for crises to higher institution of learning where cult groups are contracted to threaten or eliminate anyone opposed to their ambition.

Lately, there have been reports of killings of political parties stalwarts in various parts of the country. The desperation of political office holders to remain in power is increasing by the minutes; the opposition on the other hand are leaving no stone unturned to gain power. The desire for power at all cost and unguarded utterances by the political class is creating tension in the country, Nigerians can no longer sleep with both eyes closed, no one is sure of what the next day portends in the political arena.

As it stands, the die is cast, stage is set, no retreat no surrender, it is a two way battle and the sound of the war drum is getting louder. Who will yield the right to power between the PDP and APC?


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