The question on the lips of rabid supporters of Governor Ayodele Fayose since the early hours of Sunday 5th April,2015 is ‘where is our governor’?

They needed to worry about his whereabouts because events in the last two days have been unpalatable for the governor. When he left the state capital this morning, nobody knew where he went and so tongues began to wag as to his whereabouts.

Sources said it is not possible that the governor had gone to Abuja to see the President. There are many reasons to believe in this suggestion.

First, President Goodluck Jonathan has refused to pick his calls after Fayose refused to join other PDP governors to pay the President a solidarity visit after losing to General Muhammadu Buhari.

Both Government House and sources close to Fayose’s allies confirmed that Fayose refused to join other governors for the visit for two reasons. One, Fayose is seen among the Aso Rock hawks as a major reason why Nigerians turned against President Jonathan. They listed various constitutional breaches committed by Fayose but which GEJ could not act upon for political expediency. They reasoned that if Fayose had not committed those offences against the nation’s constitution, GEJ should have scored better in terms of observance of the rule of law.

Fayose’s problems with the Aso Rock hawks are compounded by his immense financial benefits as the leader of PDP in Ekiti State. They are still angry for his management and outright embezzlement of GEJ’s campaign funds in his care. This, coupled with the anger that head or tail Fayose has profited from GEJ’s presidency, they are pained that Fayose’s profit is a loss for them and so they are up in arms waiting for Fayose in the Aso Rock for a showdown. To avoid embarrassment, Fayose has stayed off from Abuja and is not ready to visit the president after this discovery.

The second reason why Fayose may not have gone to Abuja is the state of mind of the First Lady. She has refused to pick Fayose’s calls, claiming that she was not in the mood to talk on phone. Sources said that Dame has come to the conclusion that when she and her husband thought Fayose was helping them, he was actually hurting her husband’s chances. They confirmed that three days to the election, diplomatic sources hinted that reports of attacks by Fayose’s thugs had reached many international human rights agencies indicating that GEJ was giving tacit support for Fayose to commit varying human rights abuses against Nigerians. This created problems for Jonathan that international sentiment on human rights was against the president. As a result, Dame saw Fayose, who she called her junior husband, as a catalyst for international coalition conspiracy to see her husband’s back in the Aso Rock.

With Fayose in this limbo, it became apparent that Fayose is again locked in crisis of survival as the governor of Ekiti State.

Early this morning, Fayose jumped inside his car and asked his driver to take him to Akure. On getting to Akure, the governor reportedly jumped inside a waiting vehicle and asked his driver to return to Ado-Ekiti. Security sources in the Government House said no one knew where he went.

His unknown journey came barely few hours after he was served impeachment notice by the House of Assembly alleging breaches of the constitution. Even as impeachment sword dangles, the Supreme Court judgment is waiting for the governor on April 14.

It was gathered that Fayose has started seeing strange behaviors among the security agents in the Government House and so he trusts no one. Sources said Fayose has started feeling that he has been sacrificed by the Aso Rock to save their skins from the teeth of Buhari’s anti-corruption hawks. The question still remains: where is our governor?


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