alex badeh[dropcap type=”1″]T[/dropcap]he Nigeria Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh had on 16th October, 2014 announced a ceasefire agreement between the Nigerian government and  terrorist group, Boko Haram. The dreaded group is estimated to have killed over 12,000 people mostly in the North Eastern part of Nigeria in the last 5 years. Upon the announcement, many Nigerians were unconvinced of the said agreement. But the CDS appeared to be certain and had ordered his commanders on the ground to cease fire in line with the said agreement. Badeh’s announcement was corroborated on Voice of America by Danladi Ahmadu who claimed to be the group’s General Secretary.

As a part of the said ceasefire agreement, there was news that the Chibok schoolgirls who have been kidnapped over six months ago would breathe the air of freedom. The campaigns for the release of the innocent school girls have since become a global concern, hence the anxiety and enthusiasm of some Nigerians towards the ceasefire agreement.

The supposed ceasefire deal however turned out to be an illusion. On the night of the said agreement, the terrorist group intensified its assault on towns and villages in the North East, hoisting its flag and even overrunning the home town of CDS, Badeh in Adamawa.

Idris DebyThe broker of the supposed ceasefire deal is Idris Deby, the president of Chad, a former military generalwho has ruled the country for 24 years.

According to a source, the Chadian President had approached President Goodluck Jonathan with a request from a man called Danladi Ahmadu who claimed to be Boko Haram’s general secretary. The Chadian president confirmed the validity of the contact and the genuineness of the intentions of the terrorist group to end hostilities. President Jonathan in turn delegated his Principal Secretary Awwal Tukur to represent the federal government at the negotiation.

In the light of the continued bombing despite a supposed ceasefire agreement, Nigerians became worried and started asking questions and expressed their doubt about the ceasefire.

abubakar shekau

Few days ago, the terrorist group released a video on the internet in which a militant who claimed to be Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the group, boastfully denied entering into ceasefire agreement with the federal government of Nigeria, he also went ahead to say that, there can never be any agreement with his group and the tyrant government.  He vent his anger on Danladi Ahmadu who he described as an infidel and has no relationship with Boko Haram. He vowed to kill him anytime he sets his eyes on him.

The Nigerian government has since began to ask questions as to what went wrong with the peace deal, however, all efforts at reaching Déby have proved abortive, as the man is said to be sick and indisposed. “It appears he set us up to drop our guard and allow Boko Haram to gain ground,” the source said.

Recently, a Nigerian journalist who had linked with Boko Haram Ahmad Salkida, had on Twitter warned the government over the phantom ceasefire agreement. He gave some insights into the thinking of the group. He described the ceasefire as “shadows and bubbles” and said that the said Boko Haram secretary general was a fraud.

The question discerning Nigerians are asking is that, why would the Chadian President approach President Jonathan for ceasefire at a time when the Nigerian Army was having an upper hand in the battle, how come he is suddenly indisposed when the deal has gone bad


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