“I can follow anybody that is ready to bring that change”- Obasanjo


Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has stated that he bears no personal grudge against President Jonathan. Obasanjo made this statement while receiving Women leaders from the South West. He said his criticism of happenings in the country was to ensure that things were done right. The former president said,  “I don’t have personal grudge against President Jonathan, and I do not think that he also has any personal grudge against me, but all what I am after is to see that a good leader emerge, no matter where such a leader comes from or who is that leader, the most important thing is to have good leader that has the experience and not mere words of mouth. “Nigeria does not deserve to be where it is today, we need to change our attitude, I can follow anybody that is ready to bring that change, there is serious corruption and impunity in the land.”


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