Lawmaker, Hon. Abdulmumin Jubrin has reacted to the allegations of corruption levelled against the NASS by former Minister for Finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. The lawmaker though did not deny the allegations, he however tried to exonerate himself in a series of tweets.

My attention has been drawn to media reports from extract of a book- Fighting corruption is dangerous- written by former Finance Minister Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala where in she stated that 2-in a tough session with National Assembly’s ad-hoc committee on budget ( Made up of chairs of Finance and Appropriation Committee of both chambers and other leaders of National Assembly), 17 billion naira was forced into the budget for election expenses for members of NASS

3-As Chairman House Committee on Finance during the period in question, I wish to state as follows

4-I was NEVER part of a meeting where such decision was made. Iam not aware of any 17billion naira introduced in the 2014 budget for election expenses for members of NASS. I did not benefit in any way or form from such a money if at all it ever existed

5-It is unfair for the former Minister of finance to make such grievous allegation in a blanket manner. She should have named those that participated in the said meeting. That will be a higher service to the country and will aid investigation and help establish culpability

6-Budget is not rocket science. The former Finance Minister with her institutional memory, documents at her disposal and network can identify and state specifically where the money was inserted in the budget and how it was implemented in favour of the alleged beneficiaries

7-In all my interactions (including budget matters), oversight and sometimes confrontation with the former Minister of finance, it always centered on issues particularly on the MTEF as well as the economy. Most of our activities, engagements and discuss are in the public glare

8-The toughest of such issue based interaction for me was 2013 MTEF. In one of our meetings at the villa, there was outburst between myself and the former finance Minister on issues concerning the MTEF. President Jonathan interrupted my presentation, backed his minister and took

9-/time to dress me down to the suprise of the NASS delegation. I apologized to him, respectfully told him Iam guided and proceeded with my presentation as if nothing happened. I got a welldone tap on my shoulder from President Jonathan after the meeting

10-Iam by this statement putting up myself before the anti graft agency to investigate me and established if Iam part of that decision or benefited from its outcome or proceed. I do not take allegations of corruption lightly-No one should! God bless.

CORRECTION: The budget in question as stated in the book is 2015 not 2014 please.



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