When ex- President Jonathan pushed aside the security apparatus of the country I.e. The Military, to begin to patronise a certain individual like Government Tompolo to procure arms and ammunitions for the country, then you know there was going to be a big problem.
It would be recalled that, in December 2014, it was widely reported by PREMIUM TIMES and other reputable newspapers that Mr. Ekpemupolo’s security company, Global West Vessel Service, which was awarded a multi-billion-naira contract by the Federal government to secure pipelines in the Niger Delta, procured seven decommissioned Hulk class battleships from Norway. According to the report, the battleships with capability to carry missiles have been re-armed.
In the wake of the 2015 general election, Tompolo, Asari Dokubo among other militants had threatened to blow up every oil facility in that region should former President Jonathan lost the election.
As fate would have it, Jonathan was voted out and Buhari, became President. This of course did not go down well with some of the militants, especially those who were given free hand to lift crude as it were.
In his resolve to recover looted funds, President Buhari ordered the probe of Tompolo’s contract with Jonathan’s administration and alas! A new militant group, The Avengers suddenly sprung up. And it appeared to be more deadlier than the previous ones.
The newly formed militant group has wrecked havocs on oil facilities in the region in the last one month, so much so that all known major oil pipelines have been blown up and that have reduced the country’s oil sales, and in effect the country is losing $6.72m daily.
The Avengers is threatening to launch six missiles by Tuesday, 7th June to send a note of warning to the Federal government of its intention to blow up all oil facilitlies in the region, if its demands are not met.
If the events that preceded the 2015 presidential election was anything to go by, then investigation as to how the said missiles got into the country should not be rocket science.
It all came in when Tom polo had absolute control over the Nigeria s territorial waters
The procurement of Arms by Tompolo violate Nigeria’s law. Part II Section 17 of the Private Guard Companies Act forbids private security companies from procuring or carrying deadly weapons.
So, if the federal government truly wants to get to the root of the impending war in the Niger/Delta as it were, it should start talking to ex-president Jonathan, Tompolo, former DG NIMASA among others who are all of Ijaw extraction.


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