The much touted mother of all strike organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress scheduled to begin today, Wednesday, 13th May,2016 has so far not lived up to its billing given the insignificant number of participants in the ongoing overrated strike.IMG_20160518_123102
Members of the NLC were sighted on the popular ikorudu road and few other areas in Lagos in the early hours of Wednesday with placards with varied inscriptions calling for reverse of the recently increased pump price of premium motor spirit, PMS popularly called Petrol.
Unlike the previous strikes where Nigerians came out in their numbers to support the labour body, this particular strike seems dead on arrival DOA, given that the body itself was divided on the issue, there is the Ajaeiro faction which controls the Petroleum and Power ministries and the Waba faction that lords over other ministries.
The Ajaeiro faction, after consultations with the FG had given its support for the removal of subsidy which it believed has had no significant benefit on the ordinary man on the street. while the Waba faction is of the perspective that the removal will further aggravate the pains of the already suffering masses, hence the need for public protest and strike to put government in check. The decision as to whose argument is superior lies with the Nigeria public whose interest both factions claimed to be representing.
However, if then level of participants in today’s planned protest was anything to go by, it is suffice to say that the strike was a flop.


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