In a recent chat with a Lagos-based softsell magazine, Nollywood actress Mide Martins revealed why she married her husband, filmmaker Afeez Owo.

While responding to her viral marriage crash report, the Yoruba movie genre actor and mother of two said:

“I know that people are saying that because they can’t reconcile how a fine girl like me will be married to someone who is not as fine as I am. Yes, I thought of that and that is the reason people keep wishing us bad. I have heard people say all kinds of things like, the marriage can’t last, they don’t match, they are not perfect match, and they don’t fit. “haa omo yen fine ju loo, some say Ogun lo lo fun and I said its impossible. How can someone use juju on you for over 13 years. I have 2 kids with him”.

I love my family. I love my husband. I am not saying I am not pretty. It is obvious that I am prettier. But I love him like that. Love is not about being beautiful or being handsome. I might marry the most handsome man in the world and I might not be happy with him. That is one thing people don’t understand about relationships.

I am happy with my husband and that is the only thing that matters in marriage. When you are happy and everything is going on well, please what else do you want? So, I am happy with him and fine with him. I love him just the way he is. People should try and understand that”.

This interview has however elicited reactions from members of the public. Below are some of the reactions:

Jasmine says:

Stop the joke lady this man is more handsome than you,that you bleach your skin doesn’t make u pretty

Bradson says:

Must you tell the whole world that your husband is ugly just to proof you love him? That guy is handsome enough. Stop that bleaching cream just for a month and see how ugly you are.Pretty my foot.

Renee says:

Mide, who told you you are fine? So For your mind you think say you fine pass your husband? Abeg pack well .

hilseger says:

Who told you you are beautiful? Lol…nawah o

max says:

Which man is ugly? Abeg sit don jor. U hav neva c ugly man b4 rubish.

brigette says:

Stop kidding mide u’re not close to him, he is way too handsome and natural


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