Jonathan-and-Obasanjo-360x225In what seems a time to clear air on bottled issues, former President Olusegun Obasanjo is leaving no stone unturned at every given opportunity to throw jabs at the immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, just a week ago, he (Obasanjo) had defended why he made Jonathan his successor and now he has pointedly accused ex-President Jonathan of paying people to attack him.

Obasanjo, who also reflected on the dictatorial regime of the late maximum ruler, General Sani Abacha, stated that he would have been killed wrongly for the fathom coup.

While speaking on Channels Television programme, Channel Book Club on Tuesday 21 July,2015 Obasanjo alleged that Jonathan paid people to attack him over his controversial book, “ My Watch”.

He claimed that Jonathan paid an activist from the South-West to criticise him.

While defending his book, Obasanjo said he did not have any regret on what he wrote, advising those who do not like what he said in the book to also write theirs, “so let the dialogue begin”.

On the criticism, trailing his book, Obasanjo said: “ If I have to react to all criticisms people write about me, which most of them are not true, then, I will not have time to do anything really again

He stated that what his critics, including Wole Soyinka, said did not bother him.

“Wole Soyinka and I have been having running battle. As he has said that it will not end until one of us leaves this world and I have said in this book we  are talking about that If he leaves before me, when I get to Heaven and I hope he will be there, he should welcome me. But If I leave before him, I will welcome him.


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