Below are some of the reasons why Gov. Fayose is forcefully doing all he could against the emergence of Buhari as the next President of Nigeria.


  1. Buhari has clearly stated that immediately he resumes work as President, he will send a bill to the National Assembly for the removal of the “Immunity Clause” from Criminal Offenses for Chief Executives (President, VP, Governors and their Deputies). But will retain that of Civil to enable Government discharge its obligations without distractions. Governor Fayose can’t bulldoze his way around in such arrangement.


  1. Under Buhari led Administration, all the Anti-Graft agencies will be strengthened and equipped to carry out their constitutional obligations without hindrance.


  1. There will be more transparency and accountability on how government officials do their jobs, including publishing accounts, regular audits, etc. It will be difficult for corrupt politicians to embezzle money. Buhari also said Nigerians should expect Special Courts for accelerated Corruption Cases.


  1. The Judiciary will have its true autonomy and do their jobs as provided for in the constitution without the overbearing attitude of the Executives. We all know how Ayo like supervising the beating up of Judges, lawyers and other Judicial workers if he dot not like the way things are going.


  1. Thug-life will not be allowed to reign as Law enforcement and Security agencies will be strengthened, trained and equipped to carry out their duties as required.


Governor Ayo Fayose and people like him fully understand that it will no longer be business as usual hence all  the  insults, mockery, lies, smears, misrepresentations of facts, re-writing history, falsehood, etc.


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